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About Us

Most people are aware of the outdoor air pollution and its sources, but fail to pay close attention to the quality of the air inside their homes. For breathing better air indoors, we at Air Duct Cleaning Los Gatos are readily available to help. Our company works with HVAC systems of all sizes and designs. Our service includes repair whenever it is required. If air quality testing reveals a problem in your house or you notice that there is more dust inside than usual, turn to us and we will deal with the problem without delay.

About our company in California

Perfect Cleaning for HVAC Systems and Dryer Vents

Our skilled and experienced technicians use advanced air duct cleaning equipment to do every job perfectly. The tools are powerful enough to collect the dust, pollen, dirt and germs even from the narrowest corners of the duct system. We sanitize the surfaces as well. This reduces the risk of fungi and bacteria growing in the future to the lowest possible minimum. Our sanitizing materials are of the highest quality, and have proven safety and effectiveness.

Our services include the cleaning and replacement of air filters and our technicians will check them for you and decide which of the two options is better for the functioning of your HVAC system. We go one step further and clean HVAC units as well. These additional measures are taken to make the results of ductwork cleaning even better and longer-lasting.

When the HVAC system is damaged, we will repair it straight away. Our technicians use the finest precision tools for the job. Similarly, we use only materials of the highest quality for restoring the coating of the ducts. With proper air duct coating repair, the entire system remains clean and optimally working for longer.

Hire us, at "Air Duct Cleaning Los Gatos", to receive:

* Comprehensive service - Everything is done to ensure the circulation of clean air inside the house.

* Swift work - Each one of our technicians has the skills and equipment to complete the cleaning job in the shortest time.

* Lasting results - The duct surfaces and the other HVAC system components where air runs remain free from potentially harmful particles, dirt and bacteria and fungi for a long time.

Rely on us for professional dryer duct cleaning. Our technician will remove the easily inflammable lint buildup with great care so as to ensure that there is not a single fiber sticking on the inner surface of the duct. We make dryers safer and more efficient in very little time.

If you want professional air duct cleaning services, reach us by phone or online. Go over our website to learn more about the solutions that we offer.

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