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Get a better understanding of air duct cleaning and its importance by reading the answers to our commonly asked questions.

This page provides the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about air duct cleaning we receive from homeowners. Read on to learn how lack of proper cleaning can affect your health.

What does air duct cleaning entail?

Air duct cleaning is the physical removal of particles that are retained and build up inside ventilation systems. The process of removing these particles may vary from washing and watering to wiping and application of chemical agents. The particles intended to be removed include dust, allergens, and mold.

Will air duct cleaning affect the dust in my house?

Definitely. To begin with, dust and dirt often builds up inside unkempt air ducts and contaminate the air at home or office space. Regularly cleaning your air duct will ensure that no such accumulation will occur both in your vents and actual space. Our expert cleaners guarantee that your ducts (and home) will be fresher and cleaner than ever.

Does a new furnace require duct cleaning?

Yes. Even if your furnace is new, the possibility of dust and dirt build up from your old system is very likely. After all, it is the build-up of these particles that contribute to inferior air quality. Cleaning your ducts will put your mind at ease and ensure a better and healthier air quality free from germs and contaminants.

What causes the dryer vent to work poorly?

The most common cause of this problem is the buildup of lint inside the vent. That is why our experts recommend regular cleaning. Other possible causes include damage to the vent and the outdoor screen and flapper. In such cases, the components are checked and repaired or replaced with new ones.

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