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3 Essential HVAC Maintenance Tasks

3 Essential HVAC Maintenance Tasks
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The HVAC system makes your house comfortable and cozy to live in at all times. What you need to do on your part is to care for it properly. This will guarantee top performance and the highest possible level of energy efficiency. First, you need to include the following three important tasks on your HVAC maintenance schedule.

Caring for the Air Filters

3 Essential HVAC Maintenance TasksIf you have disposable filters, you need to prepare a specific schedule for their replacement based on what the manufacturer recommends. The traditionally used disposable pleated filters should be changed once every three months at least. It pays off to be careful with air filter replacement. Without accurate fitting, the system component will not do its job properly and more dust, dirt and pollen will circulate around your house.

Permanent filters should be washed as often as recommended by the manufacturer. Usually, washing them by hand in lukewarm water with a little bit of liquid detergent produces the best results. Air drying is essential. Generally, if you follow the instructions on the package strictly, you will do a good job. Remember that even permanent filters will have to be replaced eventually. Don’t keep them longer than their maximum useful life.

Condenser Unit Cleaning

The area around the outdoor unit should be clean at all times. Make sure that there isn’t any vegetation close to it. The more frequently you clean the vegetation debris around it, the better your entire HVAC system will perform.

The unit will need proper washing at least once a year. Only a specially formulated foaming agent must be used for the purpose. Another important thing is that the water flow should be moderate rather than powerful. Otherwise, there is a risk of the coils getting bent. In fact, it is best to start the unit’s maintenance with inspection and watch out closely for damaged and bent coils.

Air Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing

How often should this be done? It depends on the design of the ductwork, on its overall condition and on what the indoor air quality test shows, to name some of the main factors. In general, households with allergy and asthma sufferers should have the HVAC air ducts cleaned more often.

Cleaning is designed to remove all types of contaminants from dust, pollen and debris to mold. Air duct sanitizing, on the other hand, is designed to kill any remaining bacteria, fungus and germs. It has a preventive effect as well.

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