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We are proficient air duct cleaners and use high tech vacuums for precision in dirt removal. Our air duct cleaning services are exceptional and cover all needs. We don't only service air ducts but also clean dryer vents and the entire HVAC system. Cleaning ducts is our specialty but we can also assure you that we have experienced technicians for the replacement of air ducts and all repair services. When it comes to cracks, holes and similar problems, we can take care of them. We offer air duct seal repair and also replace the air duct filters and the dryer vents. With our services, we make sure clients are healthy, breathe pure indoor air, their repair needs are covered, and they don't pay money for wasted energy.

If you happen to know absolutely nothing about your air duct system; if you do not know whether to clean your air ducts or not; if you are afraid of air duct scams or you just do not know anything about air duct cleaning and do not know where to start from – do not worry because we from Air Duct Cleaning Company Los Gatos have the solution you need.

We provide wide range of products and services related to HVAC maintenance and air duct cleaning

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We are your most dependable air duct contractor who literally knows all the answers when it comes to air duct cleaning.

We from Air Duct Cleaning Company Los Gatos do not pretend to have a magical ball or anything similar because we do not. However we do have magical hands as well as great equipment that really do make amazing things happen. Each time we receive a call from you we always answer immediately. We know how much frustrating is to be left waiting and that’s why we never do that to you. When we schedule an appointment we always come on time and present ourselves to you wearing our official uniforms and driving company’s vans with logos marked on visible places. Prior we proceed with air duct cleaning we first inspect the overall situation, make records of the situation, make a short consultation with you and then we proceed according to agreed plan. We never overstep our boundaries and never go against your will. We are your loyal partner and would never jeopardize our relation by imposing anything on you. We are always ready to give you a professional advice and to share our knowledge with you but we will only apply it after you gave us green light to do so.

So if you feel like the above mentioned is something you might make a good us of, please do not wait a minute longer but contact us immediately. We are available via mail or phone all day long. We invite you to visit our official web pages where you can find more relevant info about us, about what we do, who we work with and the way we work. Our team of experts is ready for you. Call us and we will be on our way to your home!

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