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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality
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Indoor Air QualityIf people could put a label on each decade, this last decade would be the epoch of absolute concentration on the needs of nature. Special organizations and activists started their protests and warnings about the global warming and destruction much earlier, but people are more activated today since they have the chance of selecting “green” products and after they witnessed the first signs of destruction with the rising of temperatures. Sometimes, things move in a vicious circle and, the higher temperatures call for longer hours of HVAC unit use that would require more energy consumption and the increased consumption of energy will raise more the temperatures. There is not a day that goes by that people don’t consider these matters and scientists don’t make superhuman efforts to find the best solutions to bring balance among the modern living ways and nature. At the same time, they try to invent methods to ameliorate indoor air quality home and in every limited space as well. Actually, the experts of Indoor Air Quality Los Gatos would agree with some scientists that the indoor atmosphere is even more important for the human health.

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The residents of Los Gatos have come to appreciate deeply the benefits of nature and take advantage of the surrounding mountainous trails for hiking and biking. They have learned that nature can treat you badly if you don’t take care of it but, they still managed to carry on after the severe damages caused by the quake of ‘89. These days, our company provides its services to most houses and businesses of this affluent society and the surrounding places. One of the most common services is HVAC maintenance because it will ensure that the unit works fine without consuming more than the expected energy. Most devices and appliances today are made with the best specifications and capable to consume less energy than before, but even if you have a new unit, you should still check its condition regularly and ask our professionals to do air quality testing. The presence of microorganisms within limited spaces is not strange, unusual or avoidable, but the existence of high numbers of bacteria can actually hurt your health.

Our basic concern would be to check each part of the unit and clean each one of them well including condenser unit cleaning. Taking care of these parts would mean that the air entering your apartment, family house or office is perfectly clean and that’s why air filters are easy to get cleaned. They collect high quantities of dust that must be removed as often as possible while our technicians will check their condition and possibly proceed with air filter replacement. A new modern filter would help the collection of more particles and dirt and save you from your sneezing and coughing.

Though, our job is not finished at this point since the most serious damage to your indoor environment is caused by the dirty air ducts. Great portions of dirt, dust and mold are concentrated at the points you cannot see or reach. That’s why the presence of Indoor Air Quality Los Gatos is necessary. We have just the perfect equipment and the expertise to wipe clean the air ducts and sanitize them through and through. Thorough air duct cleaning and possible repairs will not only ensure healthy indoor environments, but great efforts to save the planet.

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